What is Net-HealthData™?

Net-HealthData™ is the Self Health Management platform that aggregates vital signs data from personal health devices & enables people with lifestyle diseases to take control of their health.

Our in-house allied health professionals monitor the vital signs data regularly and encourages the users to stay healthy by providing timely advise and preventing them from developing complications.

Monitor What's Imporant

Net-HealthData™ integrates clinical information such as

bloodpressure Blood pressure
blood Blood glucose
pulse Heart rate
scales Weight

...For a comprehensive view of your health!

Works With Many Devices


More coming soon...

Share Your Health Data For Better Care

Do you often need to see a doctor or nurse for something as simple as a blood pressure reading?

Why not use a modern wireless device at home and with the click of a button you can share your data with your:

  • Health practitioner
  • Pharmacy
  • Health insurer
  • Fitness instructor
  • ... or any interested party

Let Us Look Out For You


When your data is uploaded to Net-HealthData™, our integrated team of health professionals and specialists monitor it and alert you if they find reasons for concern.

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